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A gathering place for BNB lovers and supporters

Join SafeBNB to be part of the BNB support community. We will use our influence and voice to join and support BNB. In addition, we will set up several funds to participate in activities and support BNB through this difficult period.

Why $SBNB ?

Great community

A gathering place for many BNB investors around the world. The community grows and develops

High safety and security

Transactions will be automated based on smart contracts and not controlled by any individual or organization. Investors can be assured of the transparency of the project.

High upside potential

There are many long-term development plans, heavily invested in budget and Marketing on many platforms

Experienced development team

There are more than 20 long-term employees in the industry (not to mention outside partners). The management team has done many big projects in the cryptocurrency market


Address Contract


How to buy SBNB

Step 1:

Acess Pancakeswap

Step 2:

Connect wallet with Pancakeswap

Step 3

Select BNB/SBNB pair and swap



Frequently asked questions

A project was established to bring together investors who support BNB and together protect BNB from the price crisis.

We believe that a lot of investors are facing losses due to the recent drop in BNB price and want to do something about it. Let's join SAFEBNB!

Building an active community and always supporting BNB, everyone comes together to carry out practical activities to support BNB

Each Transaction will have a 10% - 5% tax used to pay bonuses to investors holding $SBNB

Each Transaction will have a tax of 10% - 5% used to create funds to carry out marketing activities of the project